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Is it a good idea to buy plots around Devanahalli airport, Bangalore?

Buying a land plot with a plan of your dream home on it or re-selling it after a few years with profit in mind – there are a couple of things that mingle in your mind when you are at a fix as to go for spending up a good amount of your savings that may/may not turn out to be fruitful in the long run. Today’s India, with the youth well sought out in their head with their life plan do hesitate to burn up their income on a nasty habit than to indulge in a productive investment reaping them benefits within certain years. But thorough research should be held before coming to a conclusion to taste back success in the decision making more than else-while.

Bangalore, in all of its recent glory and rapid development, is seeing the cream population of the nation shift to this city to work and deal with the best minds of India and some of the best companies set up as Global Headquarters in the entirety of the country. So to settle out in this booming economic metro do you afford to invest on your very own home? Or you still keep dwelling at a rented apartment amidst your daily quest at the workplace? Let’s find out.

Booming Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India. The cool start-up hub of this Asian nation. Bangalore is home to huge and little corporations, dozens of industries and thousands of individuals who come back from completely different components of the country with different culture. For instance, Bangalore is no more just the IT capital of India however additionally homes aeronautics, automotive parts, biotechnology, natural philosophy machine tools, space research, scientific analysis, defense science analysis and silk trade.

But what’s driving the success stories of industries of the city? The quickly increasing Bangalore has a number of the most effective corporations to figure for, with a novel workforce, distinct company culture and high worker engagement. In turn, these ways facilitate staff feels authorized and valuable, which ends in nice work and worker happiness.

Some of the best firms to work at

  • Google India Private Limited
  • American Express India
  • Ujjivan Financial Services Private Limited
  • SAP Labs India Private Limited
  • Intuit Technology Services
  • Cisco Systems India Private Limited

and the list goes on…

Do you take the risk of buying a plot of land to settle in?

So we arrive at the question of the hour. Should an individual still at the early stage of his/her career go out for a looping wholesome amount to buy a land plot with the home of his dreams in mind? Or should you wait for your salary slip to become more handsome and swoop in an eye-catching apartment on the 24th/25th floor maybe 5 years down the line? Would properties be as affordable as of today’s date till then? Or do you have the talent to bag in such an annual package by that time?

Here is our take on the situation

Nobody doubts your capability of achieving greatness. You surely are going to be happily settled at least professionally in 5 years time. But property prices boom up exponentially in a matter of time leaving you to repent your decision of not going for it once you had the plan in mind.


Investment in land tends to permit a lot of flexibility in terms of utilizing that property. It may well be used for each industrial and residential functions as per the preference of the capitalist. The land may be utilized for making a private getaway from homes like a house or a vacation lodge.


Unlike different assets investments like those involving workplace areas or homes, lands demand less of Associate in Nursing repairs thereby reducing the prices concerned within the same.


Another nice advantage of shopping for land is that you simply will expect a better ROI or come on investment over time. reckoning on the situation and demand of the land, you’ll be able to create a call to carry on to that, modify it or sell it. All of those choices give you with ample chance for coming up with and conniving to come back up with a call that most accurately fits your preferences.

Is Devanahalli your best bet trying to find plots in North Bangalore

Coming to the concept of shopping for plots in Devanahalli, Bangalore, there are an array of reasons why this specific location ought to be at the highest of your priority list.


The primary advantage of Devanahalli is its proximity to international airdrome. whereas it’s an excellent investment chance thanks to the convenience in terms of travel, the situation advantage extends to the very fact that the airdrome is sure to herald plenty of development in and around the space. a lot of specific, over 5000 acres for industrial and retail activities square measure projected around the airdrome and therefore the entire space has the potential of turning into a model city. That successively would provide a boost to the property values, notably that of land. Also, the KSIIDC has projected industrial development of 309 acres of land around the airport!


A satellite administrative district may be a fashionable urban thought within the space of planning. thanks to the growing demand for land in urban areas, a satellite city is developed as a smaller and nevertheless a lot of convenient various. Most satellite cities square measure very calculatedly, freelance of the particular metropolitan town, self-sufficing and still settled among the aforesaid edge of the town. So, seeking a pilot project in Bangalore gets higher once you take a satellite administrative district like Devanahalli.


Sunrise at Nandi Hills

Their square measure an honest range of fascinating places settled getting ready to Devanahalli. that enhances the attractiveness of the realm and offers it a high potential for creating profits for those inquisitive about shopping for land in North Bangalore. a number of examples embrace Nandi Hills, the fort, parks so on. All of them add up to the worth of land within the space, turning it into an extremely investor-friendly chance.


Devanahalli has many colleges, workplace areas and markets in and around. Space itself is turning into one in all the favorite places to shop for land in North Bangalore thanks to the IT hubs and different industries that are germination up. Plots in Devanahalli square measure obtainable as per a broad variety of needs. That enhances the attractiveness of finance within the space. Let’s take a glance at a number of the foremost promising comes that square measure expected to sprout up within the close to future:


Narayana Hrudayalaya is fixing a brilliant Specialty Hospital with 5000 Beds, a star-rated building and repair flats, near KIAL.


  • Trident has projected a 5-Star building close to KIAL.
  • The Oberoi cluster and is fixing a building close to KIAL.
  • JW Marriott is fixing a building close to the new PGA rated golf links.

The government has sanctioned construction of convention Centre with 2 5-Star hotels over thirty-five acres.


The Government of state has conjointly projected fixing Associate in Nursing recreation park named ‘Space City’ on the lines of the funfair in Bangalore.


  • An IIT has been projected at Kanive Narayanapura, Muddenahalli.
  • ITIR also will mark its presence at Muddenahalli.
  • Manipal Education is fixing a 350-acre university field within the neck of the woods.


  • A High-Speed airdrome Rail Link has been projected from CBD.
  • Metro Rail services are extended up to Devanahalli.
  • Over fifty-five international IT corporations have shown interest within the ITIR.

To sum it up we never clog back one from going for a land plot to be bought or move into a ready apartment all set-up. Just indulge into researching to grab the best deal and it is going pay you back at least 10 times -regardless you choose to settle in or re-sell it!

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