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It’s time for Bangaloreans to step inside an Eco-friendly home.

Building a home with cement makes it a smart one, but what if I told you that a house built with less cement and bricks. Optimum usage of clay and mud blocks can not only make your home clean – a green – sustainable house which in other words can be termed as smart homes.

Smart homes can make your stay comfortable in all seasons. Reputed developers have started undertaking such projects like a challenge and the best things about such house are that they are built faster and at a lesser cost when compared to those built in with fine perfection.

Everything in the garden city has changed at a rapid pace and with that, the challenges involved in building a smart home is no different as it comprises of all benefits of rainwater harvesting, solar energy and greenery to brighten your day. Living in such localities and homes appreciates the standard of living of the residents and the locality as well gets good access from all the remote locations city wide.

The most salient advantages of such homes can be that they are completely designed to preserve natural resources. When more of clay and mud-blocks are used to build homes lesser than cement and bricks that brings out a pattern which you don’t want to hide from the outside world and this help you reduce the cost of painting and interior design without compromising on the design. These blocks of the mud itself give out an appealing look.

Green & Smart Home

Smart homes are always incomplete without efficient solar energy backup to facilitate all the family members residing. It can be in various forms like a solar water heater for a hot shower or even maybe a solar panel to powers up the houses electronic gadgets. These small reasons can end up saving you a lot of electricity in the long run.

An effective system of rainwater harvesting system can be used in all sorts of work inside the house. It is as important as having electricity in the house. If the system is managed correctly it can even provide water for gardening for almost five months of a year. This amount of collect from rain can also be a good source of charging up groundwater in open wells.

In the case of grey water is also an important factor for washing machines, kitchen and other house old chores if properly filtered with sand beds.

Natural light and good ventilation make a smart home look smarter. When greenery surrounds your pathway as you enter the house you can rest assured that your house can stay cool even during summer.

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