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Records Verification before purchasing a Property

1. Sale Deed

A Sale Deed is a centre authoritative record that goes about as verification of offer an exchange of responsibility for the property from the vendor to the purchaser. A Sale Deed must be compulsorily enlisted. It is critical that before the Sale Deed is executed one ought to execute the deal understanding and should check for consistency of different terms and conditions as settled upon between the purchaser and the dealer. A dealer should settle all the statutory instalments, for example, property charge, cess, water charges, society charges, power charges, upkeep charges and so forth., (subject to the agreement) before executing the Sale Deed.

2. Mother Deed

Mother Deed, otherwise called the parent archive, is a critical authoritative report that follows the source/predecessor responsibility for the property from the beginning (if the project has had different proprietors). It is a record that helps in the further clearance of the property, along these lines set up the new possession. In the event of nonattendance of the first Mother Deed, affirmed duplicates ought to be gotten from the enrolling experts

3. Khata Certificate and Khata Extract

Khata is gotten from the word ‘account’. It is a record of an individual owning a property. It normally comprises of (a) Khata Certificate and (b) Khata Extract. A Khata Certificate is compulsorily required for the enlistment of another property and the exchange of property. Khata Extract is only acquiring the property subtleties from the appraisal recorder. It is required while property purchasing and gaining an exchange permit.

4. Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

Encumbrance imposes charges in the possession or liabilities made on a property that is held against a home credit like a mortgage. An EC comprises of all the enrolled exchanges done on the property amid the period for which the EC is looked for. Basically, it is an endorsement looked for a specific period proving the property buy/deal, the nearness of any exchange or home loan. One ought to present a copy of the Sale Deed to acquire an EC. An individual applying for an EC should fill in the Form 22, append a non-legal stamp and submit it to the jurisdictional sub-recorder’s office.

5. Improvement charges receipt

Advancement charges are otherwise called improvement expenses/advancement charges that are to be paid to the BBMP before a Khata can be issued. At present, the engineers are qualified to pay a fixed sum as advancement charges to the civic body. A receipt of the equivalent ought to be acquired at the season of property purchasing.

6. Power of Attorney (POA)

A POA is a lawful system used to offer specialist to someone else by the property proprietor for his/her benefit. One can either present a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) or a General Power of Attorney (GPA) to exchange one’s rights over one’s property.

7. Most recent assessments paid receipt

Receipts for property charge bills guarantee that charges for the property are paid modern to the administration/region. For properties falling under the BBMP purview, it is required for property charges to be paid forward-thinking so a purchaser could get a Khata issued in his name. It is in this manner vital for the purchaser to make enquiries with the legislature/city specialists to guarantee that every one of the levies is cleared by the merchant. The purchaser ought to approach the vendor for the most recent unique expense paid receipts and bills and check the subtleties of the proprietor’s name, the citizen’s name, and the date of instalment on the receipt. On the off chance that the proprietor does not have the duty receipt, the purchaser can contact the city body alongside the overview number of the property to affirm the responsibility for the land. All things into consideration, the purchaser ought to likewise guarantee different bills, for example, the water expenses, power bills and so forth are paid exceptionally.

8. DC changed over Land at Bangalore

All land in Karnataka is viewed as a farming area. In the event that this land must be utilized for development, it must be changed over to a non-farming area. This is called land use transformation. The estimation of the purchaser’s plot of land rises in the event that it very well may be utilized for construction.Land is changed over from rural land to a non-rural land by a Deputy Commissioner. The change over land is called DC changed over land. The division of town and nation arranging needs to issue a NOC (No Objection Certificate) for the land to be changed over to non-rural land. The delegate Commissioner watches that the land has been affirmed by the Department of town and nation-making arrangements for land use change and afterwards it is changed over. DC transformation is exceptionally vital for the plot of land to get an A KHATA declaration.

What is a Khata endorsement?

A khata is basically an evaluation of the property, an archive kept up by the BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palika) that determines certain insights regarding a real estate parcel, (for example, the proprietor’s name, property measurements, developed zone and assessment subtleties). This archive is lawful confirmation of the responsibility for the land. It figures out who precisely the property is enlisted to and who is at risk to make good on regulatory obligations brought about on that property. Khata fills in as an essential record while attempting to acquire credit from a bank or a structure/exchange license.Khata contains every fundamental datum in regards to a real estate parcel and is, in this manner, a bookkeeping appraisal of the property. Anyone with land that falls under the purview of BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palika) or BMRDA (Bangalore Metropolitan district improvement Authority) must acquire a khata for tax collection, advance and so forth.

When do you have to exchange a khata?

This should be done if there should arise an occurrence of clearance of property, the demise of the enrolled proprietor while taking a bank advance or to execute a will or a blessing deed.

What do you mean by A or B khata?

An and B khatas are registers kept up by the municipal specialists to gather charges from property holders. On the off chance that your property is recorded under A Khata, it goes under the locale of the BBMP. In the event that it’s recorded under B Khata, it falls under the ward of the neighbourhood metropolitan experts.

The B khata type was acquainted with legitimizing property under BBMP. At the point when BBMP developed in the locale, it ended up basic that more seasoned properties be lawfully brought under the domain of BBMP thus they formulated the B Khata. A Khata is for those properties which have been created after the development of BBMP and are in consistence with every one of their laws.

As indicated by a round issued by BBMP, B Khata properties can be changed over to A Khata by paying a specific advancement charge and clearing all due property charge.

Reports for the enlistment of another property

Sale Deed

This is the most vital bit of paper required for property buy. The Sale Deed must be delivered in unique as it builds up the responsibility for of the property. The purchaser needs to enrol the deal deed in the Sub-Registrar’s Office of the territory where the property is found.


Khata authentication or concentrate is known by various names in various states and is an imperative archive for the enrollment of another property. It is likewise required if the purchaser needs to exchange the responsibility for the property at a later stage. This report is confirmation that the property has a passage in the nearby civil records and the development has been finished by an endorsed arrangement. Banks request this paper before allowing a home advance.

Change Register Extract

This particular record is for Gram Panchayat properties and gives the subtleties of past possession. In spite of the fact that not required in unique, this is obligatory to deliver if the property the purchaser is purchasing is in Gram Panchayat purview.

General Power Of Attorney

This record is required to demonstrate whether the deal or buy of a specific property is being finished by an approved individual for the proprietor of the property. This must be delivered in unique for getting a home credit.

Duplicate Of Building Plan

A purchaser must gain a duplicate of the structure plan endorsed by the statutory body to set up that the development of the property is legitimate and is finished by set tenets and guidelines.

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